A resource-based perspective on customer engagement behaviors: A typology, conceptual framework, and research avenues

AMS Review

Zeng, Agarwal, & Mourali


September 12, 2023


Numerous forms of customer engagement behaviors (CEBs) have surfaced, highlighting the need for finding common conceptual ground to explore different CEBs. From a resource-based perspective, this paper presents a typology of CEBs that is derived conceptually and a framework that expounds on how customers develop perceptions of engagement value that shape their likelihood to perform different types of CEBs. More specifically, their perceptions of benefits, costs, and risks differ in affecting perceived customer engagement value (CEV) and subsequent intention to perform CEBs. We also examine two boundary conditions based on the attributes of resources. The paper concludes with managerial implications and future research opportunities, encouraging practitioners to consider how firms can utilize customer resources effectively and what resources they can provide to foster and stimulate CEBs.